“This is mega super! I also think how you get it across is great. You have a huge talent for speaking. Also, what you say and how you say it – the whole arc as formulated, I like really!

Julia B. 

“If you are intrigued about who you -and your soul- are, what your life purpose is and what your near future might look like, then Sabine is the person to go to. By applying her scientific research skills with her ease to translate abstract concepts and figures into tangible messages, she provided me a clear view into my life. Sabine, thanks to her astro-coaching talents, informed me what the planets have prepared for me so I could take the next step in my life peacefully. She combined several approaches and presented them in a clear way, rolling out different aspects of my life in a summary document in which I could add my personal notes. Having the kind of astro-coaching reading that Sabine offers has been crucial and has allowed me to put keywords into who I am and how I can show up myself out there in the world.”

Ana Escarpenter 
Coach – Mentor – Facilitator – Trainer

Sandra Djuvara Melone

“Sabine is a skilled and talented astrologer, who has a gift for combining science and art in her analyses. She is deeply human, perceptive, responsible about the messages she passes on, and she is caring about how she relays her findings. Her birth chart readings are thorough, thoughtful, and relayed in such a professional manner that one cannot feel like she is overstepping the line into one’s privacy, where a client might otherwise feel uncomfortable. In her analyses, which comprise both personality / potential and life task, Sabine provides a set of data and tools to which one can always harken back over time. Even if you think astrology is not your “thing”, I assure you that by consulting Sabine, you will gain useful insights into who you are, what your calling in life is, and how to reach your goals to flourish as a human being. Sabine is highly reliable, balanced, confidential, and a partner in helping others to move forward with meaning and happiness. Sabine is a true treasure & professional.”

Sandra Djuvara Melone
Chairwoman, Board of Directors, Search for Common Ground, Europe & President, Neagu Djuvara Cultural Association

Testimonial Anita

“I was one of Sabine’s earlier clients and had two sessions with her: the personality profile and a reading of my life mission.
First of all, I have to say how impressed and touched I was by the care Sabine took to not only elaborate my profiles. She applied the same care in the reading sessions. Intuitive and firm at the same time, certain of her message. And crystal clear the message was. It completely resonated with me concerning my personality profile. The mirror she held up to me provided valuable information which I come back to repeatedly. As for my life mission, I feel blessed for having consulted Sabine. Her reading gave me the unshakable certainty that I am on the right path. What better gift to hope for!

Anita Sheehan 
Self-Worth and Purpose Coach | Trainer| Facilitator at Self-Worth Academy