Workshops in English

Announcement of our monthly courses in Astrology 2022!

Hi to all astrology lovers !

Astrology is an excellent way to access our talents, gifts and energies we were born with. In order to release and live them fully, we can understand, accept and develop these energies based on our birth charts.

This year workshops are dedicated to all 8 planets including sun and moon and how they influence our life. We will unfold the hidden power within us to get to our higher self.

Mark your calendars for our monthly online sessions (Saturday or Friday at 7 pm; in-depth description for each upcoming session) :
12/02 Mars
12/03 Venus
30/04 Mercury
14/05 Sun
11/06 Moon
16/07 Jupiter
17/09 Saturn
14/10 Uranus
12/11 Pluto
10/12 Neptune

See you soon !

Your astrologer