Zodiac Circle

We have 12 zodiac signs, which are aligned in a defined order in a circle. Want to discover about your own zodiac sign? Read more hereunder! 

First thing about Astrology I want to share with you here is the Zodiac circle. We have 12 zodiac signs, which are aligned in a defined order in a circle.

The original circle starts with the zodiac sign of Aries and ends with the sign of Pisces. This circle is very old and tells in principle the story of our being and living on earth – for whole mankind and individually for each of us. You do not believe this? Well, follow me in the world of planetary energies and influences – and you will become a believer as me!

In the following I describe how the single zodiac signs are feeling and driven by their special energy – to be seen as real archetypes. You may discover, that it is the mankind history behind it, when you follow sign by sign in the below order! 

Well, Aries is pure energy – vital, powerful, strong and impulsive! This energy is for our life; it keeps us moving, taking actions and risks, go for goals and don’t accept a “no”. Although so full of power, this energy doesn’t go on its own, but needs to be activated – so to speak it is reaction more than action!

Taurus is steady energy, not about moving but about gaining and defending place and territory as well as material things. With this energy in play you may want to settle down and sit where you are, not moving quickly and defend your territory, family, partner, money – whatever belongs to you! You like to eat, drink and enjoy your life fully, but you are not easy in sharing your belongings with other people, who are not from your “clan”. Stable and steady progress wins the race and more conservative thinking and action. 

A calm and secure view towards life is on your mind more than risks and spontaneous activity. You like to see what is real for you and go for it in your own time and with  patience to achieve your goal. Nothing can shaken your balance and you are the rock for others and the shoulder to lean on for your closest friends and family. Somebody to trust and build a stable foundation with, I would say, a friend and partner for life.

And here the next sign in the zodiac circle – Gemini. This is quick energy – oh yes! No time to sit down, constantly moving; this is meant physically and mentally as well. These people are always in a rush with so much curiosity and lots of interests, it is amazing how they gather information and explore new surroundings. Wow, it will never be boring with those earthlings. 

The other side of this restless energy is the constant need to decide. Decisions are mandatory about what to do, to think, to ask, to make happen… because it is almost too much on their schedule! Also they have a high need to talk and meet other people. For some it may look that the Gemini energy is scattered and indecisive in a way. And this is not totally wrong. Definitely Gemini is the most active and interested in learning new things – what they do with it, is something else of course. 

This is the mother of the zodiacs! Oh, so caring and deeply emotional; these people can feel intuitively, what you even do not realize as your own feelings! So, careful with cancer energy as it turns psychic very easily. But do not think of any weakness here – it is quite often the opposite! The power of this energy lies in achieving almost anything because of their emotional strength and capacities. 

On the other side a tendency of bad tempers and negativity could come into play, when they are forced to leave their comfort zone. Then the energy changes suddenly and out of the blue – one needs to be aware of this and adapt immediately. Otherwise you have to struggle and can get lost … in feelings and emotions!

Wow – sun energy means pure life!!! Vitality and self expression comes with this energy. These people are living their lives at the brighter side and are born leaders. Their self confidence and charismatic character can impress deeply and so they use to have a crowd of real fans, which they enjoy and also need. Of course the sun energy can be very positive and powerful and influence all people around! 

However, as this is ego concentrated, it can blow up the ego, that they think they are the only ones in the world! Everybody needs a personal make up now and then – if it is not going over the top. Then it becomes negative, because of neglecting and suppressing others for the shining ego. A balance is needed to stay on the positive side and leading in a responsible and kind way – as Leos do as natural leaders of all animals!

These are amazing people as they are the guards in the zodiac circle. This is energy, that never sleeps – being very busy in fixing all, that doesn’t seem right. That can be in households, work space, health, nutrition or in all other public affairs. Their analytical and practical mind always observes in detail, if there is something wrong, unfair, risky or dangerous for the humankind and nature! 

They are so eager to protect us from harm and full of sorrow in what they think is their duty. Often others think of them being cold, emotionless or even distracted. Of course they are, because they have to save the world!!!  We should thank them for being so full of caution and mindful – but instead we tend to ignore their efforts, because nobody wants to be told continuously, what is right and what is wrong, am I right? Be gentle with this energy as it is the most important job in order to avoid damage and loss in our world! – After all it is very important to allow them from time to time to do things out of the normal and without any sense and care at all, because this is what these people need for their hard work – a little pause, relax, craziness! 

Oh so loving, oh so kind energy… always seeking harmony and balance as these people do. They focus on the “you” and seeing the best in every person! As this is also air energy, the mental strength makes them good psychologists, lawyers or negotiators. Art, music, dance, fashion, body care and wellness are favored subjects as it serves their aesthetically minds for beauty. 

The only problem with Libra’s energy is that they have such big difficulties to make decisions. Because they care much for the opposite, the “pros” and “cons” are weighed constantly, which can make very indecisive, when it comes to show up and speak your truth. However, let us celebrate the Libras in our lives and honor their grace and kindness. 

Oh yes – this is intense energy, and it is going very deep! No zodiac sign has a deeper and closer connection to the deep emotions and souls than Scorpios. As a water sign, it seems that they can look right into your mind and soul! Secrets and things behind the scene will no longer be kept, because this energy investigate all what is hidden very deep inside and beyond the normal. 

Their sharp mind tends to speak the truth, even if it feels uncomfortable or compromising for others. Therefore those people can be excellent detectives, scientists, medicines, controllers or even psychologists. With this energy you make crystal clear decisions and commitments that lasts long time! Friends will be friends forever and the opposite (!) – If this scares you, it should as Scorpios hardly make any compromises. Their will is strong and focused, so that they are successful and achieve a lot in their lives. Look out for a Scorpio and you will feel this intense power around them! 

Whenever you are down or hopeless, this energy lifts you up definitely! It is the bright and bold optimism that is given with a fiery vibe you cannot resist. Happiness, good vibrations and opening ups can overcome all what holds you back to enjoy life at its fullest! 

Of course this energy fills you up with self confidence, power and optimistic feelings. You can reach the top of the world, that is what it is about with Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius – the god of the gods – in play here! Once you meet with a Sagittarius you will never want to let go. These people are great friends and always up for new adventures. They are often globetrotters and very experienced in life. They love to help and guide people. The downside of this fire energy is their bluntness in communication. This can hurt others easily, although it is not their intention. This energy needs freedom to develop to its divine destination – then sparks of miracles can happen! 

Now we are reaching the last three zodiac signs in the circle – starting with Capricorn. Together with Aquarius and Pisces this is strong energy that leaves the human ego and reality behind, but dives into metaphysics – not bounded and led by us anymore!  Let’s get spherical …

Capricorn as the first zodiac sign here is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time and eternity. This energy is stable, patient, long lasting and independent of other influences – the ultimative teacher, who wants to keep traditions, the rules and structure for a higher purpose. People are hard workers, able to overcome obstacles like climbing up mountains – oh yes. They are not interested in easy achievements, but looking for their own set highest goals, no matter how difficult it gets! 

Flexible in finding solutions, where others gave up long before or would not get started even, is their motto for success – always having a plan B, C and D at hand. They are deeply engaged all their life time working on the higher self. This energy observes and criticizes a lot from a higher place than the ego talk. Under this influence you want to be a better person. Pain and sacrifices are not withholding to reach out for the place in life, where you find respect and where it simply feels right! 

So, justice, science, trust and dignity are highly validated in whatever they do. Professional achievements and how they are seen in the public motivate them. They are perfectionists, but can get a little obsessed from time to time. Calming down and take it easy and relax isn’t something they care a lot. Needless to say, they are the hardest workers of all and highly responsible in all their engagements. Meet with a Capricorn and you will never be lost! 

Here we meet the rebel of the zodiacs – and this is quick energy, oh yes, because its ruling planet is Uranus. High air energy is in play, which gives us huge mental power. It provokes us reacting quickly and driven with a little restless minds and nervousness. These people like to think out of the box! That is why they are often feeling misunderstood and like outsiders. They are very special people with high ideals and an altruistic being for making the world a better place. But as we are all humans with weaknesses, one cannot expect to meet these ideals always. So they often feel disappointed and move away from people.

However, they love socializing, making friends and having a lot of fun. Their open minds and outstanding ideas inspire us to feel good when acting a little crazy. Tell me of someone, who doesn’t like to break out of the normal role every now and then! With this energy old structures will be destroyed and make space for whatever wants to come out – new thoughts, ideologies, creations, behavior, attitudes – even a new “you”. – Aquarius stands for inspiration, intuition and innovation. The world needs Aquarius minds for building a new and better future! 

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac circle – or the first, if you read it clockwise, which can be interesting, too. Its ruling planet is Neptune – and this is intuitive energy without limits!!! It makes you feel a lot different than all other energies. You can get totally lost in your emotions or feel united with the whole universe. 

This deepest water energy corresponds to emptiness, selflessness, dreams, complete silence and calm and peace – in other words: out of the world! Here it seems, that no borders exist and reality has no space anymore. It is going beyond the world into the unconscious and irrational. 

People often have an aura that reminds of angels – light and easy and understanding without words! This is subliminal flow indeed. Think of an ocean and you are not far from this energy. Paradise? Yes, but also with a downside unfortunately. Being totally lost in another person can lead to self-sacrifice or the need to enter the ‘other side’ can make addictive to drugs. But our dreams have a huge influence on us. They help us to get clarity in life and see the truth at a deeper level. So, do not ignore your subconscious and go with the flow, when it feels right! 

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