Talking about planets, that are connected to each other in a birth chart of a person, is the next category I have created. It is essential for understanding the natal chart of a person to look first, where all 10 planets are located in this chart and further how they are linked to each other.

For introduction to this subject I think it is best to illustrate and describe first each of the ten planets and their nature. The ten known planets are the following:





This is pure vital energy; light and fire for life and activity; essential for living, expressing own will and character; being and appearance; ego and consciousness


Representing our inner world and settings, mindset, psyche, soul and emotional self, retreat of the ego; thoughts and dreams, memories, sub-consciousness



Basement of our intellect and rational thinking; how we gather and deal with information; rhetorical capacity; how we express ourselves linguistically; mental perception; logistic skills



Our feminine side or feelings for the opponent; how we treat others and deal with them; Business sense; Negotiation skills; Partnership connections; Teamwork; encounter with the opposite sex; romantic relationships; how we give and take; how we create harmony or peace in our life



Our masculine side or inner warrior; how we assert ourselves and enforce our will; how we react under pressure; how much energy we have to fight for our personal will; sex drive; incentives for achievements; how we compete with others (athletic, intellectual or physical)



This is bold and light energy; lift us up to higher plans and ideas; luck; opportunities; positive thinking; optimistic approaches and attitudes; turn of events; our inner believes manifest; adventurous ideas and travels to broaden horizons; lifelong learning; thinking big; be more at ease with our own lives; freedom loving; more trust in our own skills



Pluto is one of the non-personal planets (together with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune); very intense and deep energy; provoke transformation; change of self and bad habits; disillusions; create something new by destroying the old; death and rebirth; do commitments; following a false ideal; meeting the devil in you; being stuck in your way of thinking; recognizing the truth; release yourself of your imaginations through your inner power; staying in the dark, if you do not develop; fallen angels; finding yourself through pain, anger and experiences



As said this planet is non-personal, means it is slow motion and long lasting transits in natal charts; one can call Saturn the teacher of all teachers; looking for justice and fairness and structure; to take care of oneself – correct where necessary, otherwise consequences are strict and absolute; death is real; clear instructions; follow the rules; success through hard work and perseverance; no second chances; higher court; working on the higher self; no excuses; be authentic and real; eternity; ruler of time; incorruptible



High and very fast energy; break outs and break ups, where things do not work out; rebellious; disruptive behavior can happen; sudden events; natural earthquakes and tsunamis likely; destruction to create space for new ideas; turn of events happen with a certain ease; breaking free in a genius mind;  liberation from old structures and rules, so that better future is possible; ending of the old and beginning of the new; innovation; refreshing mindset; inventions; ‘out of the box’ thinking



Slowest moving planet; dreamland; illusion; unselfish to self-abandonment; addictions (drugs and alcohol) possible; idealistic thinking; world appears clouded; no clear contours recognizable; sleepwalking; anesthesia; Sleeping Beauty; awakening and seeing things clearly; to stand above things; retreat; slowed reactions; unable to find his way in life; spirituality; highly sensitive; wisdom – carries the Buddha in himself; still doing everyday things – learn to take care of oneself; develop consciousness; helper syndrome; totally un-abandoned; feeling like being ‘one drop in the ocean’; friendly and kind personality; artists