Why are we here? – Learn more about your life task!


In the lunar nodes, the sun and moon orbits intersect in two opposite points. So there is a new axis, the so called moon node axis.

In each individual horoscope, this axis runs from the southern to the northern lunar node in opposing zodiac signs (e.g. Aries/Libra) and houses or fields (e.g. 2/8). The signs, where both nodes are located, tell you about your life task, while the associated houses describe the life theme, in which your life task can be fulfilled.

Of course, the aspects of other planets (i.e. angles they make towards the nodes) in the birth chart affect the nodes and influence, how your life task can be redeemed and lived over time.

In the following I will explain the 6 different node axes in the signs and what they tell you about your life task – in other words: You will learn about your focus question: Why are you here?

Aries as the first sign in the Zodiac stands for individuality and focus on the EGO. What separates me from the other person or the other world in general? On the opposite is Libra – symbol of harmonization and being part of the whole with an emphasis on the other. This type wants to balance everything out. So, you can see already in this first axis of Aries and Libra that it is about a polarization of two extremes. 

Here we have the theme clearly defined as “relationships“. 

The path in this spiral is combining separation with connection – a true contradiction in itself. Consequently, the task here means to overcome this polarity and gain a balanced state, where you are strong in yourself, but at the same time respect the other part as well. Allowing both poles will develop a relation between separation and finding common ground.

This theme can be translated in all of the possible house combinations depending on where this nodes axis is located in your birth chart. 

This Axis is all fix energy – as Taurus is the fixed earth sign in the Zodiac and Scorpio the fixed water sign. Taurus lives for owing and keeping belongings, whereas Scorpio is building all of deep emotions and memories coming from the past. Both can get stuck in the situation, because they want to stay in the status quo, not giving up bonds.

So, this Axis theme is about “binding“. 

    We find a light and easy energy in this Axis as both signs are mutable (means flexible) in the Zodiac. Gemini being the logical mind – always interested in facts, news and ongoing stuff. Sagittarius on the other hand is the thinker of the Zodiac and loves to get to the truth of it all in a bigger sense. So one pole in this spiral is in love with details and the other seeking the whole meaning of life. This can be a very restless energy. Again it looks very much like a controversy.

This Axis theme is about “dis-covery” with the drive to find out about the existence of the universe. The challenge here is when checking for facts and data to not miss the whole picture and – from the other perspective – when looking at the higher meaning to not neglect the little details in the picture.

This Axis has Cancer and Capricorn in opposition. Both are all cardinal energy – one in the watery moon of Cancer and the other in the decisive earth sign ruled by Saturn.

So what is the theme with such opposite signs then? Well, let us start with Cancer, which is female energy – caring and comforting the home & family. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac.

On the other pole position we have Capricorn – making and following rules and structure in the outer world is the ruling energy here. There is also a strong caring momentum here that nothing gets out of control and everyone is in the earned and right position.

Consequently, this Axis deals in a true sense with “caring“. Balance needs to be achieved between care for others and for the self – or in other words: for the private and public world. 

     At first sight not so easy Axis for realizing the polarity as both signs – Leo & Aquarius – want to shine as individual and outstanding personality. Leo as the sun itself is strong and self aware willing to express itself out to the world, whereas Aquarius stands for original thinker and creator allover with Uranus as ruling planet.

Ah, here we have the polar energy between them – one of being egocentric and the other eccentric. What combines both then and build the theme of this nodes pair? It is “self-realization“: Both want to express themselves – not fake role models which they learnt to fit into, because of others` believes and expectations. Moreover they have an urge to create something that stands for themselves and their uniqueness. Achieving that it needs very often to overcome some struggles, setbacks and confrontation before one can shine like a diamond in the true self!

      The last Axis is between Virgo and Pisces – both mutual signs with Virgo in earth and Pisces in water element.

The life theme here is really to “serve a task“! Of course that is the essence of all nodes combinations discussed, one can say.

But when looking at both archetypes, we state a common theme, which is serving in its real meaning.

Virgo is considered the server of the Zodiac, who observes tireless to protect Mother Earth and the earthlings. Same for Pisces, who serve the higher goals and idealistic visions in a selfless way.

The work is to develop inner strength and values and live these when fulfilling a task. This task has the potential to change the world into a better. Finding the self power and be the creator of your own life will bring out the potential here.