About me

        Hi everyone!

Let me tell you about myself ! I am born in the beautiful city Hamburg in the north of Germany as the eldest of my brother and sister. After high school, I studied agriculture and worked on my PHD in Togo, West-Africa. That was far away from home and a real adventure. After my return in 1991, I wrote my thesis and made my Doctor in phyto-medicine. In 1993 I married my lifelong partner and founded my family. Raising two wonderful sons was the next adventure in my life, and when getting 40 years I decided to go back to University and became a teacher. But life had other plans for me. In 2004, it gave me the chance to found my own consultancy in Brussels, Belgium. For more than 10 years I advised in plant health and protection legislation including the support of small scale farmers in ACP countries.

So one can say I strongly believe and have a passion for nature science. However, when I turned 50, everything changed and I started asking questions. This was the time, when astrology came into my life. Years of introspection followed, where I discovered more about life than ever before – my spiritual enlightening happened!

So I created my website to share what I discovered in how astrology can improve our lives. This became my passion and I love to give back to others in my astro-coaching services. 

Also, I am very happy to present my book, that is published!!!  For now it is in German and explains in a comprehensive and structured way, how to read a birth chart.  

You can order my Book here