About me

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce myself first! In the 80ies I studied agriculture and made my PHD in a project in Togo, West-Africa. When I returned to Germany I founded my family, raised two wonderful sons and decided to go back to University to be a teacher. I worked in this field, but another turn in my life gave me the chance to found my own consultancy. For more than 10 years I advised companies and a non-profit project supporting small scale farmers in ACP countries.

So one can say I strongly believe and have a passion for nature science. However, when I turned 50, everything changed and I started asking questions. This was the time, when astrology came into my life. Years of introspection followed, where I discovered more about life than ever before – my spiritual enlightening happened!

So I created this site to talk about how astrology can improve our lives. It is my passion to study and understand, what you can expect from astrology in your day-to-day life, but also in making important decisions and (re-)directions in your life path – with compassion and spiritual wisdom.

Now I am very happy to present my book, that is published!!!  For now it is in German, but if there is an interest I will translate into English.

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