Life – how your outer world corresponds to your inner world

You are born at a certain date, which shows your sun position in your zodiac sign.

Also, you are born at a distinct time and place on your birthday, which defines your moon sign!

In my category here, I talk about these sun & moon combinations, that describes your head to heart conversations – how your inner and outer world connect.
Thanks to this wonderful post, that inspired me to create this next step here – Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Vital energy of Leo meets with cool and controlled Capricorn – or in other words: Fire blazes on earth! This personality is very busy to control the fiery energy, that wants to get out and about.

These people will need to bear a lot of tension for such a contrary – a rocket captured inside a rock! What helps them is a solid and stable environment, where they give and receive love and acceptance – and even respect for their great mind and loving generosity. If they can live a life full of light and warmth the rock inside could bear some plants with blossoms as beautiful as only nature can produce.

So it would be essential for them to design their own life path with all the beauty and perseverance they wish for themselves – loving themselves is key to live this life at its fullest – like the Leo sun deserves!

People with double Leo in sun and moon love to be acknowledged and be the heroes in their lives! This is double fire energy of Leo – hear that? – so no way is too far for them to shine, even if that means: Fake it until you make it!

Their generosity and kindness is very present and others feel uplifted in their company. They have a natural gift of exclusive taste – this can manifest in arts, music, ethics, society and lifestyle.

Although sometimes a dull sense of superficiality can arise, because not always and everywhere their greatness is appropriate. On the one hand, they themselves tend to overplay all negative, on the other hand, others may suspect that something is not right.

It is clear that no one can always be king or queen, – that contradicts life as it is. Often these people tend to exaggerate their behavior, because they need being the center of attention. In consequence they easily escape to a comfortable life or drugs; – but this can turn to a boomerang!
To free oneself to become more upright and authentic by accepting weakness and suffer is the art for this person to shine even brighter. In that way they develop more and more to the personality, who really is radiant, generous and enriching to their family, neighbors and friends.

Mental energy is the super power of a person born with Aquarius sun and Gemini moon. And it is fast as hell going through their minds with ease for analyzing situations and designing various ideas out of the blue. There are only few people, who may be able to follow their thoughts and therefore they can feel a little lost and misunderstood sometimes in the outer world.

Their capacity of thinking fast could produce some restlessness and may lead to less sleep in their life, if they do not care for their tranquility and slow down their mental power from time to time. This is tremendously important for being in balance of the busy mind and the body – inner and outer world so to speak!

A genius can be born, because such a forceful mindset is capable to create innovative ideas and future oriented plans like nobody else.

A social attitude with sun in Aquarius combined with a funny moon in Gemini will always be welcome in groups, teams and big family. Here they feel happy and accepted in their uniqueness as they surely are!

Oh, this is fiery energy almost over the top! This baby loves it fresh and expressive – devoted to its own beauty and awareness of being alive!

Sun in Aries feels like embracing the new day in curiosity and with positive, direct reactions towards their environment. Leo moon encourages this energy even more with a strong self esteem in spreading their emotions all over the place.

This person has no reason to hold back anything, goes full power forward to attack each day with bliss and natural charm. They could exaggerate in their gestures and words and become a little aggressive sometimes. But this is their fiery temperament and never meant nasty or mean. This is simply not their style.

They possess a brave heart and are real risk takers. However, for reaching their goals on a longer run, they need to learn to be patient and go lower speed for that will manifest success a lot better.

Their natural charm and charisma is legendary and will never fail to attract the right people in their life for fun, action and love!

Justice and harmony means the most for a person born with sun in Virgo and moon in Libra. These qualities are, as it were, born in the cradle and are very much understood and lived by heart. With meticulousness and dedication of the Virgo sun, paired with the friendly, balance-seeking Libra moon, this person tries to capture injustices and all kinds of abuses in his immediate environment and put off.

Therefore, in professions like nurse, nutritionist, geriatric nurse, physician or educator, kindergarten teacher, lawyer can be found a fulfilling and very responsible work for them.

In their private environment, these people absolutely love and need harmony, attention and a cuddling home to feel good. If this is not the case, then they are unhappy, feel hurt, aggressive at times and deeply disturbed by their environment.

Give these people a nice home and they give it a thousand times back !!!

This combination of sun in Scorpio and moon in Leo is very delicate, because in this personality a contradiction can be observed: Leo resonates with the sun – ego, life and vitality at its fullest – but here it represents the moon – so to speak the opposite of the sun – shadow, inner world, emotional self. Having the sun in Scorpio can result in speaking their truth – no matter of the consequences.

For these people it is tremendously important to express their feelings. In other words, they find is hard to withhold their thoughts, ideas, opinions for just a second – they want to speak and express what is on their mind and what they feel – regardless of situations, sensitivities of others and possible inconveniences or hurts it may provoke. Reflection is a word, that rarely exist in their vocabulary.

This character is able to keep control of their nearest and dearest in a light and warm attitude – or the contrary. They can be selfish in their love (sun in Pluto) and never led the other go – emotionally and physically even. The challenge for their will to be right on the one side and their emotion to spread over others generously on the other is to settle for less and gaining everything.

Here we meet a human, who has an incredible bunch of water energy – and it is going deep, oh yes! They have a capacity to feel intuitively about the inner world of others – their thoughts, ideas, intentions and dreams even… Revealing all of their investigations and research can be compromising and extremely uncomfortable though, because nobody wants to be figured out in all facets of their being.

On the positive these people own such a deep soul – and it is very likely that they use their antenna only for fulfilling wishes and dreams of their beloved ones and forget about their own needs.

One may think, this sounds very extreme, but it is not exaggerating. The emotional self is overwhelmed with the inner flow, that drives people belonging to their inner circle – and superficial impressions are not satisfying here. Whenever they feel specially attracted with somebody interesting to them, an emotional bond is built that can go deep and lasts very long.  Of course this peculiarity can be used in a good or bad way – in an extreme: very selfless or selfish. It will be up to their own decision (with Pluto Sun), how they want to use their emotional self in life and make their own peace with it. And peace is what the Pisces Moon wants the most! 

With both planets in the same sign it is kind of twofold of the same energy. A person born with sun and moon in Virgo can be characterized as emotionally very caring with a serving mind, who wants to show and express this care in their environment! They are on their best, when they can solve practical problems of others and get active with a lot of positive energy to improve a situation at hands.

On the negative they can feel exhausted and useless if their helping hands are not needed or if there is simply no task to get active. They are the perfect match in groups and in a teamwork or partnership. This increases their emotional stability and also physical load-bearing capacity for a highly analytical mindset in perfect function. Having them at your side is a plus to get active for what you want – professionally and personally. Great energy to build career and fruitful partnerships!

Strategy and management is the excellence used by people of this sun sign for contributing to justice. The need to act comes out of their inner world of emotions towards pain, suffer and injustice – that is what drives people with moon in Sagittarius.

Really bold idealistic dreams are born inside and they want to see the light – at least some of them! They are realistic dreamers with the capability to make things happen. Their personality can be very convincing with rhetorical skills and higher education – or simply enthusiastic talk.

The natural self-esteem enables them to withstand solitude and ignorance as natural obstacles on their way up to achieve the long haul success! Life experiences are so important to develop and work on their higher self while they implement deep soul insights on their life path. Complexity needs to be simplified in order to solve and understand life in a profound way. No less than the philosophical question of the sense of life is behind the steady and focused work they do with the intention to leave something of high value and eternal for the posterity.

It is obvious, that their life path is a long one where all adventures in a free and abundant mind want to be acknowledged and thoroughly tested in reality.

A person with a big heart and sarcastic mind is born with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Cancer. These people are gentle in their way to deal and meet with others, absolutely good and trustworthy friends and family people allover. Their blunt speech can get sarcastic, but this is how they build their wall inside to protect their weak hearts. Their love is unlimited and that is what makes them so harsh in reactions.

They are globetrotters as they love to travel – physically, literally, spiritually and emotionally. They find it hard to trust and their mind is constantly wandering for broaden their horizon to find wisdom in life. The ability to lead and help people – in the outer and inner world – can be found in professions like teachers, priests, psychologists, life coaches, advisers and often in travel agencies. Their home is the whole wide world and they do not want to settle in it. Freedom is their first priority to develop a deep and profound understanding of life as such.

When a baby is born under the sun in Virgo and the moon in Cancer, this is a character, who loves to help and serve! This personality can be best described as a soulful realist. With sun energy of the earthbound Virgo, these people try to analyse precisely the outer world and observe their environment before they come up with ways to improve and increase efficiency. Cancer inside wants nurturing in all kinds – for its own as well as for others.

On an immature level – which is not necessarily based on the age (!) – they are complaining a lot outside, whereas inside they step back in their shell feeling misunderstood, being moody and emotionally out of balance.

The developed character shows a lot of engagement for matters, where structure, systematic thinking, organisation, nutrition and health is important. They are very much caring and excellent listeners to other peoples problems, which could make good psychologists, life partners and parents.

A baby born under this sun and moon can make the world a better place – external and internal equally. What a wonderful potential lies in this personality! There would be a lot to say about having him as a friend, lover, partner or parent. 

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